5 Reasons to Finish Christmas Shopping Before Thanksgiving (plus 3 prep steps)

Ok so at this very moment it’s October. And aside from “something you need” for my kids, I am completely done Christmas shopping. This isn’t just because I love Christmas shopping (even though I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING), it’s so I can enjoy the season while it’s here.

But first. You need to do some prep work so you don’t just buy and buy from now until December 24th. All 3 of these prep steps can be kept as a note on your phone.

Prep 1. Make a list (and check it twice). Include every. single. person. you’re buying for. Family members, friends, scout leaders, teachers (are you homeschooling this year? Look who just got herself another Christmas gift, Ms. Teacher😉).

Prep 2. Put a monetary budget next to each one. How much do you plan to spend on your mom, the bus driver, and sister’s dog? Write it down.

Prep 3. Figure out the plan for your kids. We do: something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read. Plus stockings. And St Nicholas Day on December 6th. Knowing these parameters keeps us in check. And stops us from all of a sudden having a pile of plastic things but no good books.

Like I said, I keep these prep steps on a list in my phone. Once I buy for someone or some thing (like my youngest’s “something you read”), I type: DONE (then in parentheses, the name of what I bought).

The above steps work great especially if you like to buy gifts throughout the year and save for Christmas.

Okay! You have your plan and your budget. Let’s go shopping and enjoy the time on our hands later!

5 reasons to finish Christmas Shopping before Thanksgiving.

  1. You’re not rushed. You have time to think out what dad or your best friend would like. You don’t feel down to the wire to get something because you’re running out of time
  2. You’ve got OPTIONS. Alot of small businesses are gearing up for the busy season, and alot of people are looking to support them. By purchasing from your favorite shops earlier, you beat that rush as well! Many small businesses do their holiday launches well before Thanksgiving, so you have time get snag those goodies! As far as big-box stores go, I find things get picked over quickly as the holidays get rolling. All my husband wanted last year was a neutral-colored Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt. Well, I put it off and sure enough, by mid-December, all the blacks and grays were sold out, along with his size in EVERYTHING. Guess who didn’t get a neutral-colored sweatshirt? My husband. Conversely, last week in Kohls, I found a nice blue-ish gray adidas sweatshirt, in his size, that I know he’ll love (the Vikings are breaking our hearts this year). Will that still be around in the peak of Christmas shopping? In my experience, usually not. Shop now=more options.
  3. No waiting outside, or extra time for that order to ship. Hello 2020. I’m not sure what the plan will be for crazy crowds in stores, but I’m sure a lot of it includes waiting outside until it’s our turn to enter. And during winter in Minnesota? No thanks. If you’re ordering from your favorite small shop online, they may bring in extra help for the holidays, or they may be a one-woman show! Purchasing before the peak rush times means your order will probably ship out sooner.
  4. Thanksgiving weekend wrap party. Yes! PARTY. With yourself! Get cozy in your jammies, turn on your favorite Christmas movie, grab your glass of wine or cup of coffee, pull out those gifts you’ve been squirreling away, and get wrapping! You’re not tired from braving crowds, or frazzled and wondering if you’ve got it all. You pull out the bin you’ve been hiding the gifts in and enjoy the start of Christmas season.
  5. Time to enjoy what matters most. THIS is why I shop early. This is what it comes down to. So I can slow down and enjoy the Christmas season. So I have time to bake cookies, and watch Christmas movies, and enjoy celebrating advent with my family. Without running out at night or on the weekends to buy “stuff.” The stuff is fun and great (remember, I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING and I sell great gifts), but it’s not the reason for the season. So if for no other reason, shop early so you can spend those precious sacred weeks slowing down with your family rather than in the hustle and bustle.

Sometimes you want alltheChristmasthings. Like Christmas hot cocoa mix to pair with that mug you’re gifting. I get it! The good news is, the day after Halloween, Christmas is in stores! I keep another list on my phone for my November 1st Target run (and bonus: 50% off Halloween candy for mom’s stash 😉) so I can grab the goods before those aisles are packed.

I hope these tips help you make time for more rest this holiday season. Let me know what you love, what you implement, or your favorite Christmas cookies!

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xo- andrea

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