Hot Chocolate + Chocolate Spoons Recipe!

It blows my mind, but some people don’t drink coffee!! Blows. My. Mind. Nonetheless! There are plenty of delicious non-coffee recipes out there. Today, I’m sharing this super fun go-to that’s inexpensive to make, easy to do with kids, and a fun single-serve gift for literally anyone on your list. Teachers. Mother-in-Law. Boss. Bus Driver. Scout Leader. Best Friend. Hostess Gift.

So grab your kids, these basic ingredients, your favorite mug. And here we go!

Chocolate Spoons!

You literally just heat chocolate.

Dip plastic spoons in it.

Give ’em some toppings.

And put them in the fridge to set.

When they’re all hard-like, wrap them individually in cellophane bags or plastic wrap. Boom! Done.

Chocolate Spoons.

What you need:
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips, “meltables” from a craft store, or whatever chocolate your heart desires
20-24 plastic spoons
Toppings: sprinkles, mini marshmallows, mini m&ms, melted chocolate to drizzle, etc.

What you do:
1. Put the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and heat at 30 second intervals, stirring after each one, until it’s smooth.
2. Dip the spoon in the chocolate.
3. Set on waxed paper.
4. Sprinkle with toppings.
5. Put in the fridge until set.
6. Wrap individually in plastic wrap or cello bags. You can get “pretzel bags” from craft stores that are nice and narrow for these.

Homemade Hot Chocolate!

Alllllll righty roo, let’s do this again. Gifting project part 2.

Dump in the ingredients.

Whisk until combined and small lumps are gone.

Put it in a jar or measure out 1/2 cup mix into baggies.

Snip the top so it’s not so unnecessarily tall.

Homemade Hot Chocolate.

What you need:
2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
2 cups powdered milk

What you do:
In a large bowl, whisk the ingredients until no longer clumpy.
Keep it in a jar, or put into individual baggies.
To make: combine 1/2 cup hot cocoa mix with 6 oz very warm, but not burn-your-mouth-hot water. Mixing with a handheld milk frother is best!
To give: package them it in single-serving baggies, with heating /mixing instructions. DOWNLOAD THE FREE GIFT TAG/HEATING INSTRUCTIONS PRINTABLE HERE.

 This recipe is from Joanne Ozug of Fifteen Spatulas


Put a baggie of hot chocolate into the mug. Stick the spoon upright in the mug. To the best of your ability. 💁‍♀️

Put the mug+goodies in a happy cellophane bag.

Tie with tulle, add drinking directions. (sadly I don’t have them printed off at the moment, because my printer is out of ink. Rookie mistake!)

Give the gift of a cozy evening!

Grab your bag tags here! An easy way to let your recipient know how to prepare their hot chocolate!

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