7 cozy ways to give mugs as a gift

Giving a hope-filled, happy mug for a gift is one of the best things you can do! It’s pretty (hand-lettered phrase+special mug) and practical (she’ll use it often. probably everyday).

But sometimes you want to give more. You want to make the gift even more “her” (cuz you’re a great friend!), and give something to use with the mug. Making it an experience, not just a thing.

I believe a cup of anything warm is one of the coziest things there is. So here is a list of things to make it even cozier.


A HOT DRINK. Uh YES. This is always a hit! Why? Because she has to do *nothing* except heat up some liquid. You’re giving her the vessel and the ingredients! So what does your gal pal love? Coffee? Chai tea? Hot Chocolate? Find out what her favorite is, and give her more of it.

SOMETHING SWEET. Chocolate bar. Pirouette cookies. Dove chocolate. Milano cookies. Caramel Popcorn. All of the above. Again, make her life as easy as possible and give her the comfort food she loves to indulge in while sipping a hot drink.

A BOOK. “I’ll read my books and I’ll drink my coffee and I’ll listen to music and I’ll bolt the door.” – JD Salinger. Books calm both the body and mind, relax instead of stimulate, and give us a doorway to a world other than our own. I truly believe the best gift you can give anyone is a good book! (I realized I don’t have any “regular fiction” books to put in this picture because I just use the library for them. But here’s a recent buy of mine. It’s SUCH a good book and message! Get it here. )

SOCKS. Fuzzy socks, soft socks, festive socks, wool socks. Socks are just amazing! And they tuck so dang nicely into into a mug! From funny to functional, there’s a pair out there for every personality!

BLANKET. Soft and snuggled up with a warm beverage in your hand…that is what dreams are made up! Gift your best bud THIS amazingly soft blanket with her mug and she’ll be set for ultimate relaxation. I’ve had one for years and it’s my absolute favorite! It didn’t make the picture because it isn’t looking brand new anymore. So here, you can look at the blanket I just crocheted!

PAJAMAS. Along the same lines as a blanket, pajamas are a cozy companion to give with a mug! I’ve been loving my Land’s End flannel pajamas, because they are so soft and great quality. AND they come in petite and tall sizes!

BODY CARE. Get her some nice pampering stuff that she wouldn’t normally spring for! There are plenty of amazing shops out there that specialize in all sorts of natural body care. A local favorite of mine is Miel Duluth.

Combining any of the above is always a good plan! Blanket+Pajamas+Mug?! Chocolate+Body Care+Mug?! Coffee+Book+Mug?! A different combo?! There are so many ways to give a cozy gift around a Hope and Happy Designs Mug, and I can’t wait to see what you decide on! Be a pal and email me a picture of your finished gift, or tag/DM me on instagram!

Happy Gifting!!

xo, andrea

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