Some New Christmas Traditions to Try!

Traditions give a family security. A sense of togetherness. That you’re all in this together. Traditions are something to look back on fondly, remembering the good times or re-creating them as an adult.

This year, the day after Thanksgiving, my 9-year-old asked if we were getting our tree “today.” I said maybe. He replied “but it’s our tradition! We always get the tree the day after Thanksgiving!” And I realized he was right. The last 3 years, since buying a home, we had gone to the tree farm to pick a tree the day after Thanksgiving.

There’s something comforting in traditions. In a year when nothing went according to plan, Christmas traditions have been a nice solid place to plant our feet.

So, on instagram, I asked what your traditions are. I was going to arrange them by category, but I decided it was more fun to paste them here word-for-word. It’s fun to get a sense of your tone and excitement. SO, if you’re on the lookout for a new tradition, maybe something here will strike your fancy and you’ll give it a try!


Pizza on Christmas Eve watching It’s a Wonderful Life and opening family gifts. Stockings and Santa gift Christmas morning! -Liz

Church on Christmas Eve. – Katie

Christmas pj’s on Christmas eve! We also had a sibling secret Santa which was a blast. First year married so we will see what we decide to start for our own traditions! – Annie

Get out the tree and decorate Thanksgiving weekend while watching Charlie Brown Christmas and eating cookie dough! -Krista

Potato soup on Christmas Eve! I do a marathon wrapping day with Christmas movies and hot cocoa. Walks/drives to see Christmas lights. – Elise

We always watch Christmas Story after our kids go to bed on Christmas Eve! -Brenna

Christmas Eve my lil fam watches a Christmas movie and sleeps under the Christmas tree. If we’re with my parents and siblings and their families, we have chicken Kiev’s and rice pilaf for dinner and all sleep over at my parent’s house. -Mary

Looking at Christmas lights with the kiddos!! -Anonymous

Go to bentleyville. It’s been our tradition since we first started dating. -Heather

I must watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Day. And then A Christmas Story. And just have Christmas music on and feel the blessings. -Brenda

So many good and fun things right!! And most aren’t all that extravagant. What makes them special is repeating them each year. Growing up, my parents gave us 3 gifts each (because: 3 wise men!). I loved it because I knew what to expect and there was stability in that. Every Christmas Eve, a bunch of our extended family went to my aunt’s after church. It was so fun playing with my cousins, plus the excitement of knowing Christmas was the next day.

My prayer for you is that this Christmas season, you find something special to do with your family. Maybe it’s something new, maybe it’s something you’ve done for years. My hope and prayer for you is that you’ll not only feel a sense of togetherness, but you’ll find comfort and hope in remembering and celebrating our King coming into this world.

Merry Christmas. Peace be with you.

xo- andrea

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  1. Beautiful traditions! Pre-Covid, whether an adult gathering or one for the kid’s, between Thanksgiving and Christmas we asked guests to bring canned goods and paper products to our local food pantry. Everyone loved doing it, and we are MORE than ready to gather friends in again!


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