Small Business Spotlight: nuJo

April’s small business spotlight is something that pairs deliciously with our mugs.

If you’re wanting an alternate to coffee, or another delicious drink to add to your arsenal, nuJo is your new BFF! I tried some and it is seriously so good. It smells kind of like Christmas and has a tea-like taste. I love just drinking it on its own without any sweetener or cream, it’s a delicious and relaxing evening drink. nuJo is a unique blend of organic superfoods, including roasted chicory & quinoa combined with orange peel, allspice & cloves. 100% organic MCT coconut oil provides the perfect finish.

Carmen started this business out of necessity, and is here to tell you all about it below.

HOW IT STARTED: My name is Carmen Wagner, originally from Michigan but middle Tennessee has been my home for 25 years. nuJo started as result of my frustration in trying to find something better than coffee to drink that actually tasted good…I thought ‘seriously it can’t be that hard!’ And two weeks later I found myself slightly obsessed with the whole idea.

TIMELINE OF EVENTS: That was about 20 years ago now…. The name nuJo = ‘your new cup of Joe’ was the working name that just settled into itself and I couldn’t rename it anything else! In late 2017, I decided to bring it to market as an online ‘I did it!’ which happened to be the same year we adopted our son Tuck. My workload doubled in the year 2018 as I juggled a baby and day job. 2019 was ‘do it or don’t’ and ended up with nuJo in 25 retailers and realized the potential. 2020 actually did better than 2019, even with no inventory for 75% of the year due to packaging issues.

FAVORITE PART OF THE BUSINESS:  meeting people! Retailers are so kind & supportive. I love hearing from our ‘drinkers’ that discover nuJo and how it has helped them in so many ways. The comraderie with other entrepreneurs that share their journeys is always so uplifting.

PRODUCTS: I love the grind nuJo, getting up in the morning and making a fresh pot of brew, such a lovely way to ease into the day with a health boost that is YUM. In the summer, there is nothing more refreshing than cold brew. People loooove the health benefits, that’s why they try it, but then bam! They love the taste and they are hooked. My other favorite part of nuJo is the antiviral and antibacterial properties, literally keeps me healthy when I don’t take great care of myself.

You can find Carmen and nuJo on instagram at @drinknujo or get to her website by clicking HERE. Products include: nuJo Cold Brew, Classic Grind, or individual Brew Bags.

Use code HAPPY15 for 15% off your order of Grind or Brew Bags.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! Be sure to tag @hopeandhappydesigns and @drinknujo on instagram when you’re enjoying your brew in your mugs!!


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