Behind the Mom Mug

Our Mom mug is simple but holds so much value. Those 3 little letters, imprinted on the sage marbled mug, contain the most important title there is. It’s been said that the hand that rocks the cradle is the the hand that rules the world (poem here, and candle mug here), and that is absolutely true. A mother’s influence, care, and love for her child and in their life is unmatched. Whether you catch her on hard+exhausting days or calm+peaceful days, her love for being a mother and for her kids runs deep and strong no matter how she feels in the moment.

I know of no other creature in our world that is more protective than a mama bear to her cubs. Whether a literal bear in the wild or us “mama bears” in our concrete jungles. We protect those kiddos with everything in us and would do anything to be sure they’re safe from harm.

The mom mug represents all of the above. It’s sweet caffeine after sleepless nights, hot cocoa when curled up for a movie with our kiddos, and yet another reheated beverage. It’s a reminder of our great calling and most important title. The pride of showing up everyday and doing our best, loving on our kids, teaching them right from wrong and pointing them to the Lord.

Cheers, moms.

Get your mom mug HERE.

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