Small Business Spotlight: FLTR Glasses!

This month’s small business spotlight is so fun because the owner is my cousin Nate!! He started this business several years ago and I was so excited for him! But as someone who has terrible eyesight requiring glasses all the time (and contacts drying my eyes out), I was never able to reasonably get a pair. WELL I got lasik eye surgery this past October, and can finally enjoy allthesunglasses and my first pair of FLTRs are finally heading my way!

Ok, so what are they anyway?! Nate’s answers to my questions required zero edits on my part, so enjoy! In his own words:

FLTR glasses

Aloha! I’m Nate Pruszinske, I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I started a sunglasses company called FLTR Glasses!
I started my business back in college because of an idea that I had which would be to bring Instagram filters to real life – using sunglass lenses! I graduated in Mechanical Engineering and have always enjoyed mixing my technical knowledge with my creative side, so I decided to start FLTR! I knew the idea had potential, as social media and photo filters were very popular at the time, and sunglasses always seemed to be… well… boring! Gray lenses might darken your view, but what if I could make something that would enhance the colors of the outdoors? As someone who’s always been artistic, I see my sunglasses as individual pieces of art that I love to share with other people!

My favorite part about starting a sunglasses company has been the people I get to work with! Selling a clothing accessory means you have to take lots of pictures with people, and living in Hawaii has been the perfect place to meet people and get photos in some really beautiful places! We’ll often meet up with people on mountain ridges, beaches, and waterfalls, and it feels like we’re just having more fun than we are doing work! And most of my team are friends from the Hawaiian Student Entrepreneur club at University of Hawaii, Manoa. Together we get to have a lot of fun working on the company!

Our Aloha lens is our customer favorite, as it makes the skies bluer, and the earth warmer! I hear from a lot of customers that they love wearing them both on sunny days and when it’s cloudy, because it always makes the day seem more cheerful! Actually, some people have even said FLTRs have helped cure their seasonal depression! When it’s fall and all the colors outside are more gray and brown than green and blue, FLTRs help to warm things up! It’s always encouraging to hear stories like that from our customers.

We are actually launching our new frames/lenses on June 20th, the first day of summer! As I think we’re all ready to return to our regular lives post-pandemic, we want Summer 2021 to be something really special! If you’re interested in getting a pair, or would like to see our other lenses and frames, you can go to our website at, or follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook @FLTRglasses! We small businesses truly appreciate every bit of support, and are thankful for Andrea and her support as well! Please feel free to use code HAPPYDESIGNS on all our current models of FLTRs for 20% off!

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