Small Business Spotlight: Borrowing Color

This month’s small business spotlight is Borrowing Color! Alex creates her own natural dyes and uses them to color the fabrics she uses for her handmade playthings. It is seriously the coolest thing! Here’s more about her business, in her own words. Read on!

I’m Alex, a mama to 3 kiddos and owner/creative at Borrowing Color, LLC – a children’s plaything and women’s accessory shop. I am the heart and soul behind this brand. I use 100% naturally-dyed textiles in my craft, whenever it is possible. My open-ended-playthings and women’s accessories are lovingly crafted by hand using these natural elements and reputable dyes.

My “why” has changed many times over the course of the last few years, but once I began using natural dyes in my work, my mission adjusted to incorporate educating people on the beauty and importance of natural dyes. They have huge historical significance and I’m convinced that they will continue to impact our world in the future!

I’m also very passionate about preserving and fostering childhood. I believe there is nothing more magical in our world than the innocence of the young years. Open ended toys are a key in the hands of a child to unlock their imagination. It is an honor to create playthings that serve this purpose!

Lastly, my women’s line – Behold – is a celebration for all that women were meant to be. We are soft and firm; gentle and determined. This line is named after 2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Behold! We are made new by Him.” I am reminded of this verse every time I get to take an undyed material and dye it so that it becomes something completely new. 

Hands down, my favorite part of my business is naturally dyeing the fabrics! My dye process uses naturally-occurring materials to create safe colors. The ingredients used for these pieces vary and are derived from plants, bark, roots, insects, etc. These dyes have been around for centuries and were the only way that textiles could be colored before the advent of synthetic dyes. Just recently, I’ve begun offering naturally dyed fabrics for sale on my site. It is so thrilling to see others use those materials to make their own creative pieces!

My second favorite thing is creating new products! Whether it is a new plush animal pattern or a new women’s accessory – the creative process is so fun! I try to release a new item every 1-2 months!

My shop is known for naturally-dyed, eco-friendly, and lavender-filled (that’s right!) products. Every piece is heirloom-quality and made to be passed down and treasured in your family. I value slow-made, quality processes and products. Almost every piece I make is completely one-of-a-kind and unique! 

I also put so much heart into everything I make. I love to interact with my followers and customers and develop genuine relationships with people! I’m always just a DM away on Instagram! Watching people’s kids grow up with my playthings or feel themselves when wearing one of my accessories is the best!

Here’s how you can find Alex and her shop!!

View and shop her website HERE

Use code HOPEANDHAPPY for 10% off!

Connect with her on instagram HERE

The best way to know about releases or access free shipping and coupon codes is to subscribe to her newsletter! Subscribe HERE

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